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M. Ohtsu,

Silicon Light-Emitting Diodes and Lasers

—Photon Breeding Devices using Dressed Photons—

(Springer, Heidelberg, 2016)




1 Problems with light emitting devices and their solutions

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Dressed photons and dressed-photon–phonons

1.3 Principles of light emission

1.4 Photon breeding

1.5 Fabrication and performances of photon breeding devices



2 Visible light emitting diodes using silicon crystal

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Device fabrication

2.3 Device operation

2.4 Increasing the light extraction efficiency



3 Infrared light emitting diodes using silicon crystal

3.1 Device fabrication

3.2 Device operation

3.3 Spatial distribution of boron

3.4 Polarization control



4 Contribution and control of coherent phonons

4.1 Strength of phonon coupling

4.2 Contribution of multimode coherent phonons

4.3 Control of light emission spectral profile



5 Infrared lasers using silicon crystal

5.1 Basic devices

5.2 Decreasing the threshold current density

5.3 Evaluation of optical amplification quantities



6 Light emitting diodes using silicon carbide crystal

6.1 Basic light emitting diodes

6.2 Green light emitting diodes

6.3 Ultraviolet light emitting diodes

6.4 Broad-spectral-width light emitting diodes



7 Light emitting diodes fabricated from other crystals

7.1 Using a gallium phosphor crystal

7.2 Using a zinc oxide crystal



8 Other devices

8.1 Optical and electrical relaxation oscillator

8.2 Infrared photodetector with optical amplification

8.3 Polarization rotator



Appendix A Physical picture of dressed photons



Appendix B Range of interaction mediated by dressed photons

B.1 Bare interaction and effective interaction

B.2 Magnitude of effective interaction energy

B.3 Summation and interaction for deriving a Yukawa function

B.4 Size-dependent resonance hierarchy



Appendix C Coupling of dressed photons and phonons

C.1 Novel molecular dissociation and the need for a theoretical model

C.2 Transformation of the Hamiltonian

C.3 Localization mechanism of dressed photons



Appendix D Light absorption and emission via dressed-photon–phonons


Appendix E Two-level system model



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