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Nutation in energy transfer of dressed photons between nano-particles

Motoichi Ohtsu



Experimental results on the temporal behavior of dressed photon (DP) energy transfer are presented. Nanometer-sized particles (NPs) of cubic CuCl crystals grown in a NaCl crystal were used as the sample for the experiments. By measuring the temporal variations of the photoluminescence (PL) intensities emitted from these NPs, unique characteristics of DP energy transfer were found. Namely, the PL intensities exhibited nutation that originated from the bidirectional DP energy transfer between the small and large NPs. The period of the nutation was 50 ps. The periodic variation of the PL intensity emitted from the small NP had a phase lag of behind that from the large NP. The duration of the forward DP energy transfer was longer than that of the backward transfer. The difference between these times resulted in temporal modulation of the PL intensities. The temporal variations exhibited additional pulsatory variations whose period was one-fourth the nutation period.

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