Research Origin for Dressed Photon (abbreviated as RODreP), which started its activities as a voluntary organization in 2016, was reorganized as a general incorporated association in April 2017. Motoichi Ohtsu, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo, will serve as the chairman. There are four directors, one auditor, and two advisors.

In optical science and technology, which has a long history, the emergence of new light is long-awaited for its innovation. Mitsuko Dressed has appeared as the flag bearer. It has been applied to a wide range of fields such as measurement, devices, processing, and energy transformation, but it is necessary to investigate and use the properties of dressed photons in more detail for further development in the future. For that purpose, further advanced basic theory research is indispensable.

In view of this situation, RODreP will mainly carry out the following activities.
(1) Original research on the basic theory of dressed photons and related new light: Quantum field theory, micro-macro duality, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, etc. Research on basic theory by further developing the method. Promote research in collaboration with researchers, members, and external researchers belonging to the corporation.

(2) Support for young researchers: Provide research subsidies to support dressed photon theory research.

(3) Enlightenment and public relations activities: Seminars, tutorials, lectures, results report meetings, etc. on dressed photons will be held to enlighten and outreach the science and technology of dressed photons. Furthermore, the latest information is disseminated through publication and public relations such as the Web.

(4) Consulting: A technical consultation service for the practical application of dressed photons.

Of the above, especially (1) and (2) are research activities. In other words, this corporation is not an academic association but a research institution, and is a new type of organization that serves as a starting point for basic research. Through this activity, this corporation aims to become "thinking reeds" (un roseau pensant) and "knowing reeds" (un Roseau connaissant) about dressed photons.

The corporation has its secretariat in Tokyo. In addition, a part of Nichia Corporation's Yokohama Technology Center in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture is rented as a research base.

Mitsuko Drest Research Starting Point (RODreP)
Representative Director Motoichi Otsu

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