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[Review paper]
Off-shell scientific nature of dressed photon energy transfer and dissipation

Motoichi Ohtsu

keywords: dressed photon, off-shell, transfer, quantum walk,


First, the principles of size-dependent resonance, bi-directional energy transfer, and subsequent energy dissipation are reviewed. Second, experimental results on energy transfer, dissipation, and light emission from multiple three-dimensionally arranged nanometer-sized particles are presented. These results imply that the dressed-photon (DP) energy transfers through a unique path via which the emitted light power takes the maximum value. Third, the results of preliminary numerical calculations carried out by using a random walk model are presented. These results show that there are serious problems originating from the principle of on-shell science assumed in the calculations. In order to solve these problems, a quantum walk is presented as a promising off-shell scientific model. Finally, it is suggested that the unique path above can be found by improving this quantum walk model.

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